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Established in 1858, we have long stood as a manufacturer of replacement parts for a wide array of brand name saws, including Marvel, DoAll, HEM, Hydmech, Well Saw, and Trajan.

We take pride in being a leading provider of quality band saw parts, serving the sawing industry both domestically and internationally.

We understand the critical nature of timely part replacements in the sawing industry. That’s why we maintain an extensive stock of over 250,000 parts, including bearings, belts, drives, motors, and everything essential to keep your saw operational and efficient. 

24-Hour Worldwide Ordering and Shipping

Black Iron Parts is synonymous with convenience and reliability when it comes to ordering and shipping. We offer a 24-hour emergency shipping service available globally, ensuring that no matter where you are or when you need a part, we can deliver promptly. International shipping rates are weight-based, and we utilize UPS for all international orders. You have the flexibility to choose between UPS Worldwide Express or UPS Worldwide Expedited when placing your order.

Our Partnership with

Our legacy is further enhanced by our partnership with This collaboration enables us to offer an even broader range of high-quality carbide saw guides and parts. Each product is meticulously crafted to optimize the efficiency, durability, and performance of your sawing equipment.

Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At Black Iron Parts, we are dedicated to not just meeting but exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our commitment to quality is evident in every part we supply, ensuring that your sawing equipment operates at its best, sustaining the rigorous demands of the industry.

We invite you to experience the Black Iron Parts difference – where quality parts, efficient service, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Contact us today for all your band saw part needs and let us be a part of your success story.

Black Iron Parts offers precision-engineered industrial bandsaw guides, ensuring optimal accuracy and efficiency for your bandsaw operations.

Enhance your machine’s cleanliness and performance with our durable bandsaw chip brushes, designed to effectively remove debris and prolong the life of your bandsaw.

Discover our range of high-quality band wheel tires, crafted to provide stability and longevity, and keep your bandsaw running smoothly under various industrial conditions.